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Venus transits over Sun 5 & 6 June 2012
Every 120 or so years we experience a rare phenomenon. 

Venus transits across the Sun twice in eight years. The last transit was in 2004. The coming one is on 5&6 June 2012.

The Mayans have a calendar for these transits and it forms a vital part of the 2012 galactic alignments.

Before we look ahead to December 21, it is very important to take in the energy of each astrological event as it happens as this is very much an on-going process.


As above so below, as without so within...

What is happening outside is also happening inside our bodies and our consciousness.

Venus brings balance.

Venus is roughly the same size as earth and the two planets orbit in complete harmony. In sacred geometry they make a perfect musical fifth and are aligned to the Fibonacci number sequence that permeates all life.

Every 8 years the orbit of Venus creates the shape of a 5 pointed star.


As the Sun sends its power to Venus during this transit, Venus magnifies it and passes it onto Earth.

The balance of sacred masculine and feminine is in effect here.


The Diamond Jubilee celebrations have been timed to coincide with this transit.

This is your coronation however so please do not be distracted with outward events.

This is a profound time to be inward and still.

In the UK, the very last stages of the Venus transit will be visible at Sunrise on 6 June



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