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Here is a brief description of the planets and their meaning in your chart....

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Sun Sign

What most people refer to as their 'Sign' is actually their Sun sign - where the Sun was when they were born. This is a major part of our astrological chart, but not the whole story.

The astrological symbol for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the centre. This depicts the infinite Source of Life - the All.

The Sun is the Life force energy of our Solar System and relates with our bodies through bio-photons which receive and emit light. Light is Life - All is Energy.

In Astrology, the Sun sign shows us where and how we radiate this Life force energy. We all have the same energy but express it through the filter of different Zodiac signs.

Look to the Zodiac sign and the Element of your Sun sign to see how you are transmitting and receiving your Soular expression, how you are motivated to direct this active energy and how you shine through your talents and joy.

The Sun takes one year to travel through all of the Zodiac signs spending one month in each. Zodiac means Wheel of Life.

On the day the Sun returns to where it was in the Zodiac when we were born, we celebrate our Solar return or birthday hence the term, Many Happy Returns.

Moon Sign

Moon Sign Video

Many people refer to their Sun sign when speaking of Astrology which is which zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born, and colours and flavours your expression of your life force energy. 

The Moon Sign (which Zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born) is equally important - like Yin and Yang; night and day, the two go together.

The cells of our bodies hold water and are surrounded by a membrane. This is our internal emotional memory and brain. We retain conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings in the waters of our body.

Your Moon sign reflects your inner self; your emotions; your private side.

Whereas the Sun sign is easily visible and sometimes guessable as your radiant active force in the world, the Moon sign is much more undercover.

Many people do not know what their Moon sign is and this is why they feel at odds when categorised solely by their Sun sign. Although they will associate with many of the attributes of the Sun sign, a hole is left where their intuitive and intimate self is not included.

Although you can have the same Sun and Moon sign, most people have different signs for each. This all depends on your time of birth.

The delicate interplay between Sun and Moon sign begins to show you a little more about the complexity of your cosmic make-up and goes a long way to explaining certain moods and phases.

Once a month for a 2.5 day period, the current moon will be in the same sign as your Moon sign. This is a wonderful time when we feel more like ourselves. This time can be used for many empowering purposes.

Mercury Sign

Mercury Sign video

Our relationship with Mercury is based on the frequency of thought. Thoughts are not created in the brain, they exist in collective thought forms or fields with the frequency varying according to the quality and emotional resonance of the thought.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun (and therefore the fastest orbit) and takes the Solar power and magnifies it through its field before passing these energies on to Earth.

Tuning in and receiving inspiration is how we connect inwardly with Mercury. The fields that you are engaging with will be shown by the quality of thoughts you are having (and therefore how you are feeling).

Consider how you speak and what you speak about. The speed, texture and flavour of your words will all be coloured by what sign Mercury is in. Mercury in Pisces talks evocatively about spiritual things and maybe even talks to spirits, whereas Mercury in Gemini would have a million ideas, speak at the speed of light and change direction mid sentence.

Speed and short distance Travel are characteristics of the fleet footed messenger of the Gods.

As well as Communication, Mercury also rules Magik & Healing. We can trace a journey from the Universe to the physical when we consider inspiration, communication and magikal manifestation as linked.

Mercury's symbol is the Caduceus which is a healing Sigil dating back to ancient Sumer and the Goddess Ishtar. The twin snakes coiling up the staff topped with a winged solar disk represent our chi energy, our DNA and the pineal gland.

When Mercury goes retrograde which it does about 3 times a year, all things under Mercury's rule can go into a state of disarray and be felt on the human level. At this time we can balance the hemispheres of the brain - Virgo left brain rational and Pisces right brain intuitive - for a more wholistic perception of the reality we are creating.

Venus Sign

Venus Sign video

Venus is the Goddess of Love and the placement and sign that Venus is in in your chart can indicate various aspects:
How you love - Who you love - What you love.

Venus = Value. Self Love, Self Esteem and the Ability to Receive, are the inner gifts of this planet. The first relationship we have is with ourselves.

Venus shows how a woman may be in her relationships more than where she will find her mate.

Venus has rulership over money as well so What you Love can be in relation to valuables - possessions, clothes, etc - so when any current planets aspect your natal Venus, money or love can be on the horizon. Alternatively, it can just be a good day to get creative or show yourself some Love.

Venus is our creative muse and influences our colours, tastes and style.
When it comes to others, in a Woman's chart, Venus represents you and your tastes. Venus in Capricorn for example is dignified, tasteful and slow moving, preferring to build lasting relationships rather than jumping from fire to fire. Quality over quantity. Venus in Gemini is a much quicker energy enjoying witty repartee, stimulation and the exchange of ideas but may not have great staying power.

In a Man's chart, Venus shows his feminine side as well as the type of women he will be attracted to. Venus in Pisces would be a man who can communicate with women on an emotional level as well as someone who is in touch with his psychic and intuitive self. Venus in Aries on the other hand would show a man that likes excitement and adventure but may focus on passion more than emotional bonds in relationships.

Mars Sign

Mars Sign video 

Mars is the Spiritual Warrior. It is a dynamic force often depicted as masculine although women have all these qualities to. It is the masculine principle in ourselves and partners with Venus being the feminine aspect.

The symbol of Mars is the Solar disk with an upward arrow. This has been likened to a shield and a spear, but esoterically represents our Soular Life force energy directed. Intention and attention.

As with all the planets, there is a constructive and destructive side to the energies of Mars. On the plus side, we have the energy, passion and drive necessary to activate projects and relationships. On the flip side we can come face to face with our inner Mars through misplaced egotism, frustration and anger.

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio The real story of both of these signs is one of Ascension. From base to gold, root to crown, the alchemical journey of dying to the lower to raise to the higher is ignited by Mars' fire.

Finding the sign and placement of Mars in your chart can help you to understand your motivations, redeploy your ego and create more harmony by living as the whole true Self.

Mars takes 2 years to travel around the Zodiac and at every transit it will trigger a new personal energy cycle for you when it makes contact with Mars in your chart. This can be calculated to the day and be used for initiating big projects or making brave changes.

Working with the aspects or angles that Mars makes to the other planets in your chart can show you where effortless gains can be made as well as how raw nerves can be soothed.

Mars in a chart can show how we express passion and what turns us on.

Mars in a Woman's chart can also represent the strong male influences in her life and the type of Men she will find attractive or attract.

Jupiter Sign

Jupiter Sign video 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius (and part rules Pisces). The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter's magnetic field is ten times stronger than that of Earth.

Jupiter captures rocks from the asteroid belt that could be heading towards Earth and sweeps them away into space.

The sheer expanse and powerful field of Jupiter are reflected well in the sign of Sagittarius. Travel and education come under this ruler-ship - anything that expands the mind.

Pisces takes things further and pushes the boundaries past our physical senses and into the etheric realms.

Jupiter in our chart can show us where we can expand - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Our sphere of influence in the world also comes under this influence. Many people with a strong Jupiter chart placement become known for teaching or broadcasting.

When Jupiter returns to the sign it rules over in our chart - about once every 12 years - we can experience growth, abundance and optimism in our endeavours once the debris has been first cleared away.

Generosity and joviality are the blessings this planet bestows, but with the warning not to overdo it.

Saturn Sign

Saturn Sign video

Saturn is often given a bad reputation. The planet of realism and teacher of life's lessons, many associate this purely with pain and conflict. Although this is the case if we are avoiding any shadow sides of ourselves, any Saturn return or transit can be worked with and reap great rewards.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, will often test our foundations to make sure they are solid. Any illusions or, more importantly, any self delusions will be shown up in the fluorescent glare of Saturn's scrutiny. 

Capricorn is a sign that progresses strongly and firmly towards a goal and Saturn can be invoked as a cosmic personal trainer to help us, with a little tough love, to really get into shape.

When working with Saturn, we can often prepare ourselves and go willingly into the dark corners of our psychology to examine any falsities. Our motivations are under the domain of this stern planet so a true and honest desire to face ourselves and question where we are coming from is the only way through.

We can do this with a loving and gentle approach. There is no need to tear our self to pieces, just to witness each aspect or attitude as it arises and judge whether it is serving us or holding us in a negative belief pattern.

Capricorn is the sign of deep earth. Like a gardener ridding the path of persistent weeds, Saturn asks us to get to the root of recurring problems and fix them once and for all.

When we actively engage in this process, it feels empowering not destructive. The choice is ours.

Uranus Sign

Uranus Sign video 

Uranus is the planet of independence and breakthrough.

Ruler of Aquarius, this planet is activates our free thinking and futuristic vision. Equality and justice feature large for this caring humanitarian sign.
Whereas Mercury is the processing mind, Uranus is an octave above - the higher mind.

Spinning on its side with the rings oriented north to south, there is an air of eccentricity and rebellion here too.

Uranus sets 7 year trends: In the 60's the Virgo Uranus saw civil rights activists and environmentalists take a stand, more recently Uranus travelling through Aries is creating ripples in the field of free energy and activating global political rebellion.

Transiting through Aries 2011 - 2018, a whole new Zodiac cycle has begun, bursting with potential. We all tune into these collective frequencies. Uranus in Aries should hopefully bring us scientific breakthrough, independent thinking and doses of innovation to align truly to the Age of Aquarius.

Uranus in your chart - by house and sign - shows your ability to think freely and break boundaries, to be unique yet contribute to the whole. To a certain extent it will highlight the causes that you care about and put your heart and energy into.
Tune into your individuality, your uniqueness and your genius.

Neptune Sign

Neptune Sign video

Neptune represents our higher self and connection to Source.

This planet is associated with the Sea of the vibrational Universe, the collective conscious and unconscious realms. 
Neptune's sigil is like a tuning fork and this deeply spiritual influence teaches us how to attune to a higher vibration. 

Every thought we focus upon sends ripples across this Sea. We have the choice to focus our attention in high vibration places and add our energy to the grid that will uplift and elevate humanity rather than contributing to the lower frequencies of fear and division.

Find your own frequency - that untouchable, unshakable divinely-you place where calm reigns and your higher self sighs with relief and joy.

Express gratitude for abundance received in the Universal Flow. 

Pluto Sign

Pluto Sign video

Pluto is the transformer.

Testing the foundations that we build our lives upon so that we can make solid the base upon which to build a stronger future. Whether this is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, the deep healing powers of Pluto often break things down before they can be reconstructed.

Life, death and rebirth are the gifts of Pluto.

Chiron - Heal the Wound, Heal the World

Chiron Sign video 

The asteroid Chiron is named after the mythical Centaur - the wounded healer.

Chiron was a respected teacher, musician and healer. He was injured by a magical poisoned arrow and lived in pain as he was immortal but could not heal himself.

Chiron calls to us to examine our own deepest pain. Fear, rejection, where we feel alienated in life are all under the domain of Chiron.

In some versions of the story, he wounded himself to save mankind so there is also an association with self sacrifice.

Chiron recently entered Pisces followed soon after by Neptune. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and Chiron is also at home in these healing waters.

The temptation to heal others but not ourselves can be strong under this influence and many with this placement in their natal chart are devoted to healing careers.

The message is surely that by healing ourselves, we are better placed to help heal those around us and in doing so, create a healthier world for all.

When we dig deep into our souls and shine a light into our own personal darkness we have the chance to confront and heal our innermost pain if we harness the energy that Chiron offers.

The placement of Chiron in your own personal birth chart will reveal where this healing is most needed. This could be a bad habit regarding health, a lack of self esteem in career or relationships, poor self expression or a negative belief in your core being, either way it is an imporant factor to bring to light.

For Society, Chiron in Pisces is significant as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and represents our collective consciousness. We are now experiencing a return to Source. Science and spirituality are coming back together after a long period of false division. Soul searching and holistic living are where we can put our energies to take giant leaps towards elevation for ourselves and for humanity as a whole.

Separation is an illusion and yet one that has been believed since the imperialistic world carved everything into little boxes and took its scalpel to the human experience. This has been a very harmful experiment that has lead to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual distress.

It is vital to feel the interconnected nature of the All. Your connection to Source is the most important thing that you can recognize and celebrate right now and will solve the question of alienation and pain that Chiron has shown you.

We need to work together and happily, gratefully contribute to the needs of the collective, while knowing that the first step is to go deep inside and heal our own wounds.

Physician, heal thyself.

The North Node

In some systems the North Node is the north pole of the Moon, in others it is a point in space where the elipses of the Earth and the Moon's orbits cross. Either way, in our natal chart, the North Node represents an important point - where we chose to challenge ourselves in this lifetime.

Our Life Purpose can be revealed through study of this point by sign, house and aspects to other planets. We can see more clearly where we have challenged ourselves to grow as a being on a journey through many incarnations.

The South Node lies directly opposite indicating past life gains and losses, talents and phobias brought through to remind us where we are coming from. At times it can tempt us back into our comfort zone when we are feeling under pressure from transits to the North Node that call us to stand tall.

The influence of the North and South Node in your life will become clearer if you can find the thread that links your most testing times together. Often a theme emerges that can be understood and worked with.

For example, if you have the North Node in Aries in the 7th house, your challenge is to be more independent in relationships; North Node in Taurus in the 5th house indicates a need to be productive creatively; North Node in Gemini in the 1st house asks you to express yourself clearly.

The North Node at the moment is in Libra - a significant indicator of our collective unconscious and our responsibility to seek balance, justice and peace.

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