Zoe Hind - Soul Astrologer & Empowerment Coach
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'The group has been so invaluable. I don't think I would have known to be open to so many changes and opportunities otherwise...'

'Thank you Zoe for providing such a unique and informative space where we can all meet so freely...'  

Would you like regular access to your own Personal Astrologer?

Would you like to learn about your chart and how to harness the current energies as they happen?

Would you like a safe and honourable space to ask questions, discuss exciting topics and meet like hearted souls?

Would you like a free on-line course? *

This is a private area where we can meet and chat about current astrological events as well as other exciting topics and learn more about our own charts.

I will be around often to set themes for discussion, answer questions and join in with conversations.

Special content created especially for members.

Advance previews of Horoscopes.

We can also learn and share how to work with:

  • Special Astrological dates - i.e. Equinox/Solstice/Sacred Festivals
  • The Moon Cycles
  • Tarot, Herbs & Crystals
As well as discussing:
  • Ancient Civilisations & Universal Wisdom
  • Sacred Symbolism & Numerology
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology of Current News Stories and People

To join

Please email me zoehind7@gmail.com with a short description of yourself and your interests.

This group will be facilitated through a face book private page so you will need a facebook account for me to invite you to join in.
(If you are not on facebook, you can make a private account and contribute to the group without anyone else seeing your profile activity)

Donations accepted to Paypal zoehind7@gmail.com