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About Zoe... 

I was introduced to Astrology by my mother at the age of 8 and it soon became a way of life. I have continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. 

Embracing ancient culture and beliefs, especially those of my celtic ancestors, and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in the latest scientific theories, I bring the past and the future together to make sense of the present.

Perspective, empowerment and realizing potential is the result.

Incorporating the Ancient Mystery School teachings in my readings adds esoteric depth including, tarot, numerology, geometry, mythology and cosmology.

I have created on-line Astrology and Tarot courses to share this sacred wisdom.

I provide advice to private clients and consultancy to companies worldwide and organize events & workshops and write regular articles for international magazines.

I am available for radio, publishing, TV and film opportunities.

Personal Chart Readings & Business Consultancy available by Skype or in London.

Would you like to have my free weekly astrology videos on your website?
Please contact me and I will send you the link or embed code.

If you would like me to:

  • write for your publication or social media
  • appear or speak at your event
  • contribute to your Radio show
  • consult for your project, book, TV or film

please email me with details: zoehind7@gmail.com

Youtube channel: zoeastro

What clients say...

I was completely blown away by my reading, I felt that you know me better than I do! I feel so different and more authentic, if that makes sense. Ashlee 

Thank you for another wonderful session! Your spiritual guidance has been such a gift, and there is so much more to explore -- I have a feeling this is the beginning of a very exciting journey of discovery and growth! I'm going to spend the evening listening to the recording of our talk and also to the recent astro uploads on your youtube channel. I definitely want to work more with moon cycles -- this is a great suggestion -- and I will get the calendar you recommended -- it looks fantastic! Erin 

Thank you so much for such a deep, comprehensive and insightful reading and so much of your time Zoe. I'm very happy with the reading and loved so many of your visually rich analogies. Bless you! K.C.

I have searched high and low and never found ANYONE who explains astrology this way. Its the only way that I feel in my gut as if I always knew it. Its like somehow putting a name on everything. Like living your whole life experiencing time and not learning how to use a clock or a calendar till you were thirty. That sort of thing lol. My entire life has changed.
Jessica S

Hi Zoe. An educational , enlightening afternoon and was lovely to see you :) I will endeavour to study this amazing subject and hopefully gain a greater insight for when I see you for level 2. Love and Magic always. Julie xxx

Thanks so much for a very inspiring consultation - I really found it very helpful. I have lots to think about in a joyful way (joy is a key word I took away from the evening), and see how I could realise that for myself and others.

I'm looking forward to listening to the audio - I'll download it tonight.

Thanks for being so generous with your energy, wisdom and time - very much appreciated. And the tea was fab as wellJ!

Best wishes, Paul

It was great meeting you and such a useful session. I learnt a lot and feel far more optimistic than I've done in a while. I have to listen to the download a few times at least, so I do not forget...Anja

Hello gorgeous Zoe,

Thank you so much for the recording. I can't wait to listen to it again, and take some notes for me to keep in my journal.
I left your place feeling so full of possibilities, excitement and happiness. It was such a wonderful feeling; to remember that I need to come back to myself, remain present, loving, accepting and full of joy and gratitude in order to ALLOW the things I wish for my life to fall into place rather than fearing that they're not.
Feeling blessed after your awesome and genuine astro & tarot readings! I was blown away with your knowledge in astrology, accuracy, generosity and loving words which are still resonating with me...It's surely a turning point, feeling much clearer and lighter. Thank you Zoe. Much Love.

Thank you Zoe- brilliant reading! I really appreciated the practical tools that I can implement in my day to day reality. This was probably the most liberating reading I have had with you; very real, earthed and visionary!! Which depicts you. I am putting my self help books away and planning on being and living my life in a playful way, navigating through emotions and thoughts in a lighter way; very transformational to where I have been, no time to dwell on the past now...G. C.

Lovely to talk to you and as before I was impressed by your breadth of insight and knowledge. Anna

It was lovely to meet with you yesterday. You have definitely given me a lot of food for thought and I am already 
trying to put into practice your wise words of advice. I think the best part of your advice and putting it into 
practice is that not only was it something I have wanted to do for a while and have been striving towards but 
(and perhaps in line with it) I am enjoying putting into practice your good advice of tapping into my femininity. Vx
Awesome guidance as well about future work we have planned this year...C&L
thank you thank you thank you Zoe. i had so much fun and joy during the reading. and 
i have been so deeply touched to hear my inner instincts confirmed and my dreams 
acknowledged :-) i really appreciate the extra time and your wonderful inspirational talk. 
i look forward to welcoming you to speak at my retreat place after 2013 :-) isabelle xx

Hey Zoe,
Thank you so much for the amazing reading the other day!
I've managed to download it so thank you for the guidelines.....
I would love to look at some more charts if possible when
I get a moment.
I loved your insight, style and genuinity and just the way you delivered
the reading - so thank you for such a gift...Milli

Hi, Zoe!
Thank you for the lovely advice. It was such an incredible experience. I have to thank you again and again and it was such a constructive meeting! Robert

Dear Zoe,
Thankyou for the lovely reading you did for me. I liked the sound of the the property you saw for me! So i shall wait and see what unfolds. There is a lot in the reading that rings true and that i can make sense of, thankyou again for your time and energy.
very best wishes
Shelly x

Dear Zoe
Thank you very much for this very quick and positive reading. I am most grateful and feel much more relaxed about the future now after your lovely email.

Very best wishes for your future also.

Absolutely brilliant. You've given me a reading that I can work with and not just put aside and forget. Thank you Zoe I will be returning to ask questions about other situations in my life in the near future. Best wishes and thanks again.

Thank you for your lovely astro session - very moving and profound.

Hi Zoe
Many thanks for the reading, it was very interesting and very accurate!

TO ZOE - Thank you for all that wonderful info

Dear Zoe
Thank you for all this. I so enjoyed our chat on Monday evening and the fascination of learning to read my chart will keep me occupied for some time yet. I'll be in touch if anything truly baffles me. In love and light, Barbara


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