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About Zoe... 

I was introduced to Astrology by my mother at the age of 8 and it soon became a way of life. I have continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. 

Embracing ancient culture and beliefs and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in the latest scientific theories, I bring the past and the future together to make sense of the present.

Perspective, empowerment and realizing potential is the result.

Incorporating the Ancient Mystery School teachings in my readings adds esoteric depth including, tarot, numerology, geometry, mythology and cosmology.

I have created on-line Astrology and Tarot courses to share this sacred wisdom.

I provide advice to private clients and consultancy to companies worldwide and organize events & workshops and writes regular articles for international magazines.

Personal Chart Readings & Business Consultancy available by Skype or in London.

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If you would like Zoe to write for you or appear at your event, on your Radio or TV show, please email her with details: zoehind7@gmail.com

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An interview for Fated & Fabled Magazine



Regular contributor to Fountain International Magazine

Fountain International

Astrology for Mind, Body, Spirit


London College of Spirituality 

Astrologer writing for the London College of Spirituality and delivering workshops and talks across London



Network She Magazine



In 2010 and 2011, Zoe wrote a regular column for Lightworker Magazine and also hosted a monthly show for Lightworker Radio, here are some sample pages:



A unique column for 25 Beautiful Homes magazine offered style tips for each Zodiac sign

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Zoe Hind | Astrologer | London
Astrology and Tarot Readings