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Private Lessons, Workshops and On-line Courses

All the below sessions are available 1:1 or for your group of friends on dates of your choice. Session time 1.5 hours.
These are also some of the subjects we study in the Practical Magik club

Intuitive Tarot
A chance to learn more about the fascinating world of Tarot and Divination at your own pace. Intuitively taught. I am also available to give readings at private parties.  Also see Tarot readings & courses

Intuitive Astrology
Learning Astrology is becoming easier as we regain consciousness. Your birth chart is your own personal cosmic plan. Master your chart and align with your own planetary powers. I am also available to give readings at private parties.
Also see Astrology readings & courses

Tune into your Personal Moon Sign through the Elements
Working with the Moon is easy once you consider the elements. Come and find out your Moon Sign and how to work with the elements, colours, herbs, crystals, creative visualization, meditation and more on a personal level.
Learn how to set meaningful intentions and create private rituals. 

Moon Cycles: Create a Personal Lunar Planner
Learn how to make an effective plan for the coming year by harnessing the energies of each New Moon, Full Moon and Dark Moon. The technique is simple and will lead to a more harmonious life, in tune with the moon's rhythms and making the most of the energies available to you.

Elemental Magik - Celtic Feng Shui - Cleanse and harmonize your space
Learn this ancient technique to cleanse and harmonize any space aligning with the Sun and the Moon, the Elements, Crystals, Sacred objects and more...
I also offer space cleansing as a bespoke service.

Re-balance Relationships - Exploring the divine masculine and feminine
We are all unique. Our astrological chart has a fine balance of masculine and feminine energies. In this workshop we will explore the male/dynamic and female/receptive aspects in our astrological charts to see where blocks may reside and adjustments can be made in order to live in harmony with ourselves, others and the Universe.

Life Purpose, Past Lives, Soul Orientation
Chiron - Heal the Wound. Vesta - Align to your Divine Purpose.
Many wonder if they are 'on the right path.' This workshop explores your blocks and potential and realigns you to live a life more purposeful and to shine your unique light brightly to the world.

Astro-cartography - Your Personal World Map
A fascinating study. The placement of your Astrological birth chart over the World Map reveals the 'flavour' of certain countries in the world and shows you where you can go to harness these energies or avoid unwelcome drama.

Numbers and shapes form the fabric of the Universe. They are found everywhere and are far more powerful than we initially think. Explore the magikal uses of numbers, shapes and calculate your own power dates.

Enchanted Woodland Walks
Let me take you on a magikal tree walk. Learn about the Ogham Druid tree language and calendar. Discover your birth tree. Includes tree recognition, myth, magik and healing. Can be extended to Wand Making workshop.

Energize - Embracing the Energy Body
Learn how to work with your inner energy for healing, protection & manifestation.
Includes - Find your Voice - Vocal Sound healing.

Herbalism: Make your own Rescue Remedy
Herbs are gentle healers and this workshop will show you how to make your own remedies and blends. Come and celebrate the beauty of the earth's bounty.

Be Chemical Free
Learn how to make your own beauty and cleaning products cleansing your home and your body from daily chemical damage. Fun and empowering.

Magikal Empowerment Work-outs
Fitness for your Body and Soul. Combining powerful visualisation techniques, sacred numerology, energizing herbal blends, dance, yoga and stretching. This workout is designed for you based on your birth chart. I am a qualified personal trainer and can come to your gym or home. Swimming lessons also available.

Crystals - Magikal uses
Crystals all have unique frequencies and properties. There are many more ways to work with them than just healing and meditation. This practical workshop will help you to enjoy Crystal Magik every day and at a deeper level. (Includes how to work with a pendulum).

Power Animals: Meet your Guides
Empowering and connecting us with the natural world, power animals and shape shifting form a vital part of most world shamanic practices. This ancient connection is hughely supportive and empowering.

Creating Guided Visualizations
Learn how to create your own guided visualizations to explore your inner cosmic landscape.

Psychic Development
Everyone is 'psychic'. There are easy techniques to help you to tune in and learn how to decipher the messages you receive. Reawaken and tune in to this vital ability.

Sacred Fire: Incense making
A celebration of Fire. This practical workshop will show you how to make dry and wet incense. You will learn how to chose the right ingredients, blending tips and ritual uses for your finished product.

Magik - Talismans & Amulets
A practical guide to making and charging your own magikal objects of power. A unique and very rare workshop.

Rune Magik
The Runes are the ancient magikal symbols of the British and Nordic tribes. A powerful language as well as a tool for empowerment and well being. 

An idea of rates for 1.5 hour sessions:
  • 1:1 - £60
  • 2 people - £55 each
  • 3 people - £50 each
  • 4+ people - £45 each

Please contact zoehind7@gmail.com