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In the stars this month...

18 February - Sun into Pisces - see video above

The Sun moves gently into Pisces and reminds us to remember. Re-member: to put ourselves back together again; to retrieve the parts of our Soul that we have forgotten, ignored, disregarded; to return to wholeness...

25 February - Mercury into Pisces

Sound and light are diffused in water, speed and gravity lessened. When we attune to the Piscean wavelength, we can see, hear and feel into the ocean of vibrations that connect us all.

26 February 2017 - New Moon 8 degrees Pisces - Solar Eclipse

The Sun and Moon cosy up to Neptune in the 8th house of deep magik.
What will be revealed?

Across the skies Jupiter retrograde (yet another 22 degrees) faces Uranus and Mars and commands forth the sovereignty and strength offered by the recent Full Moon at 22 degrees Leo.

By now we should realize that we are the one we have been looking for all along.

Stand tall, take up your space and rule your world with honour, courage and dignity.

4 March - Venus retrograde in Aries

For the next 6 weeks Venus returns to the heart of the matter. Gentle, kind, grateful and graceful, she will give our self image and love a makeover. Peace.

10 March - Mars into Taurus

Mars in Taurus is a force to be reckoned with. Dynamism meets drive. The higher aspect of this transit will show us where we care about Life, where we want to direct our soul energy and also give us the stamina to see it through to the end. Passion and Power, well aligned, guarantee great results.

12 March - Full Moon 22 degrees Virgo

The last of 5 Full Moons at 22 degrees, the Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces calls for balancement across the axis of the conscious and subconscious realms.

The modern world promotes outward action and expression and social media profiles often project a persona that does not match the person behind the screen.
Are our outer and inner worlds aligned?

With Neptune and Mercury close to the Sun, this is a time for inner reflection and surrender. Can we suspend judgement and control long enough to dive into our inner sanctuary, to dance with our imagination, to listen to the guidance of our intuition?

Between the conscious and unconscious, between waking and sleeping, between the past and the future there is a place of gentle healing potential.

Reconnecting with our emotional intelligence will bring us greater clarity and wisdom than the rational mind will ever find, but for now embrace the ambiguous, smile into the not knowing and be unlimited. Embrace your state of grace. You are free and always will be...

13 March - Mercury into Aries

A bright and sparky combination. Mercury in Aries lights the touchpaper of creative inspiration, visionary innovation and courageous expression. Unexpected ideas ignite on April 8 when Mercury, the mental processing magician meets with Uranus, the higher minded genius.


9 September - Jupiter into Libra

For the next year, Jupiter will travel through the sign of Libra. Jupiter has not been here since 2004.

Like a second Sun, Jupiter inside us is our Sovereignty, Majesty and Magnificence.

Expansion is the main energetic action of Jupiter.

In order to grow, room must first be made and when Jupiter visits a new Zodiac sign or makes a connection in our birth chart, some things that need to be cleared can be removed from our lives. We need to take a philosophical approach as, if we are tempted to hold onto attachments and maintain an old structure, this initial phase can be disconcerting and feel like a loss or breaking down in our lives.

However, with broader perspective and a sense of excitement, new adventures are on the horizon.

What does Jupiter in Libra bring?
As we turn inwards to explore the realms of the Soul, we are reminded that our first relationship, and Libra is the sign of Union, is with our divinity.

When we honour our lives and others and flow with Soul and Spirit we allow this energy to permeate our emotional, mental and physical realms.

There should be also a sense of freedom and ease coming into the way we relate to each other, loosening the bonds of restricted conditional love and embracing our connections on a Soul to Soul level.

When we see ourselves reflected back through the Mirror of Venus that is our relationships we can learn and grow gracefully. 

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