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Astrology & Gong bath - 6 July, Breeze Yoga, Kent - 2-4pm

In partnership with Gong Master Mark Swan, these incredible workshops are always unique and deeply healing. Kent, London and Sacred Sites

Tarot Club

Tuesday 9 July - 7-9pm @ £25. London NW5 (Second Tuesday of the Month)
Come and learn Tarot in a small and friendly group. All levels welcome.
***Only 8 places per month*** Book Here

Enchanted Woodland Walks - £25 - Book here

Autumn Equinox - 21 September - 11am-1pm 

During these enchanted 2 hour walks on Hampstead Heath you will learn about...

- Tree Recognition - How to recognise many different tree varieties 
- The Magik, Myth and Folklore of the Trees - Tree Healing Properties and how to receive healing from the Trees - The Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar - Discover your Birth Trees - The Ogham Druid Tree language - one of the oldest languages in the world

- Ceremony in Druid Grove & Tree Oracle readings
- Receive a copy of my 'Wisdom from the Woods' Tree Oracle deck
(can be bought separately)

'Thank you, Zoe for the beautiful Enchanted Woodland walk in Hampstead Heath. Your knowledge and expertise is amazing and it was a truly magical experience.' Frankie 

Practical Magik Club

Magikal workshops exploring different and diverse magikal practices - from spirit animals, to pendulums, crystal healing to herbalism - and how we can apply them to empower our modern lives. 

Also ~ Custom Magikal Events, Private Ritual and Goddess Gatherings
Please see workshop list for ideas and we can arrange a call to discuss.

Working with the Moon cycles

Discover your Moon sign ~ Working with the Moon cycles ~ Create a Personal Lunar Planner book here

Learn how to make an effective plan for the coming year by harnessing the energies of each New Moon, Full Moon and Dark Moon. The technique is simple and will lead to a more harmonious life, in tune with the moon's rhythms and making the most of the energies available to you. 

Astrology & Tarot monthly meet-up

Friendly and fun monthly meet up in North London. Includes Astrology, Tarot and other esoteric subjects. Some knowledge of Astrology required.
First Thursday of the month, 7-9pm @ £20. London NW5
First hour Recorded Mp3 @ £5
Only 8 places per month so please email me: zoehind7@gmail.com
Current subject details and discussion on fb: AstroZo

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