Step into your Unique Power - Custom Empowerment Programmes designed especially for you

Using your unique birth chart as a base, these 1 hour sessions are designed to help you empower your life on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual...

Work ~ Achieve your Potential ~ Live the Life you Love
Body work ~ Empowerment Work-Outs ~Weight Loss ~Rescue Remedies
Herbal ~ Get Chemical Free ~Make your own products

De-programme negative Thoughts and Behaviour patterns
Identify your challenges ~ Remove fears and blocks
How to be more Present ~ Mindfulness & Meditation techniques

Delete harmful Emotional Conditioning
Rebalance Relationships
Explore Soul contracts

Improve your Spiritual Connection ~ Psychic development
Live a Life more Magikal
Reconnect to your Soul Purpose

Sessions include a fine fusion of tools and techniques that i have developped over decades: Creative Visualizations, Meditations, Words of Power, Manifestation & Empowerment practices, Tarot, Numerology, Working with the Moon Cycles and Astrological timing, Crystals, Rescue Remedies & Herbs, Power Animals and much, much more...

Minumum 3 sessions @ £60 each1:1 or skype

The above are just a few suggestions
Email: to co-create a package that is perfect for you

Zoe Hind - Soul Astrologer & Empowerment Coach