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??Discover your Moon sign...??
In this personal written report we explore:

Moon sign and Element
How your Moon sign blends with your Sun sign
Dates of power
Herbs and crystals that align with your Moon sign
Affirmations and Intentions
Tips to create private Moon rituals

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Discover your Moon Sign & Personal Lunar Planner Reading - £75

Discover your Moon Sign and how to work more deeply with it
(Intuitive On-line course)

In this easy to follow video (with notes) you will:

Discover your Moon Sign.

How to calculate your monthly and yearly special lunar days.

How to work with the elements, crystals, herbs and power animals to ritualise these sacred moments.

How to create better relationships through understanding the inner dynamic of your loved ones.

£30 please email zoehind7@gmail.com or visit my on-line shop

Lunar Planner On-line Course  (Astrological technique)

Working with the Moon cycles

Illuminate your life and flow more closely with the phases of the Moon.

Do you know your Moon sign?

What you call your Sun Sign/Star Sign is where the Sun was when you were born.
You also have a Moon Sign - where the Moon was when you were born.

This is what you need to work with to tune in more closely to the Lunar Cycles.

This course will show you how to discover and work with your Personal Moon Sign to make an effective plan for the coming year by harnessing the energies of each New Moon, Full Moon and Dark Moon.

The technique is simple and will lead to a more harmonious life, in tune with the Moon's rhythms and making the most of the energies available to you.

There is usually only 1 Full moon, New Moon and Dark Moon in each Zodiac sign per year.

The New Moon is an excellent time to initiate new projects and set intentions.

The Full Moon is perfect to harvest results and capture the lunar limelight.

The Dark Moon is a great time to clear out and break bad habits.

Each Moon of the year is specific to a certain area of your life:

Love & Relationships

Work, Potential, Direction

Spirituality & Soul Purpose

Health & Healing

Self Esteem and Values


A Personal Lunar Planner will show you and how the energies can be harnessed and applied to your personal birth chart to empower you.
I am available to answer questions via email.

£30 please email zoehind7@gmail.com or visit my on-line shop

Elemental Magik - Celtic Feng Shui On-line  course

Cleanse & Harmonize your Space

Learn this ancient technique to cleanse and harmonize any space aligning with the Sun and the Moon, the Elements, Crystals, Sacred objects and more...
Great for selling a house or moving to a new one, the office, the garden and anywhere that you spend regular time.

Increase Creativity, Abundance, Attract Love, Health & Well being, Buy and Sell Property and much more...

I am also available to visit and perform a clearing, harmonizing session in your space.

please email zoehind7@gmail.com or visit my on-line shop

Private Lessons & Workshops

1.5 hour sessions are available 1:1 or for your group of friends on dates of your choice.

  • 1:1 - £60
  • 2 people - £55 each
  • 3 People - £50 each
  • 4+ people - £45 each

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Zoe Hind - Soul Astrologer & Empowerment Coach