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Zodiac Essence available for just £10

3 Card Spread Email Reading - £15

Short Astrology/Tarot/Numerology reading - 30 minutes - £35

Detailed Astrology/Tarot/Numerology reading - 1 hour - £70

Skype or phone (or in person for Detailed reading - Camden London)
Recorded MP3 for you to keep  
        contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

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Conscious Living Coaching with your personal Astrological Chart

By working together with your chart, you can gain clarity and motivation, release old patterns and step into your unique power.

These sessions are designed to help you to:

  • Reconnect with your Astrological life plan
  • Realize your potential
  • Tune into perfect timing
  • Understand your priorities
  • Heal yourself
  • Pace yourself
  • Improve relationships
  • Identify your challenges
  • Remove fears and blocks
  • De-programme negative thoughts and behaviour patterns

You can also learn how to work with the Moon Cycles, Tarot, Crystals, Herbs, Creative Visualization, Empowerment Techniques and more in these 1:1 sessions.

This service is provided by Skype/Phone or 1:1 North London

£50/hour - Minimum 3 sessions
After this half sessions are available @ £35/30 mins 

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Full Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Your Birth Chart is your blueprint - your map - your manual...

This reading is based on your unique birth details - time, date and place - and provides a detailed picture of your unique vibration and life potential.

Carefully detailing all the planetary positions and their influence on your life, this one-off chart is an invaluable life tool and forms the base for accurate future predictions.

Simply email your details (time, place, date of birth and email address) through with your request and I will get back to you to arrange a convenient time.
1 hour - £70

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Astrological Forecast

Take a look at the months ahead and discover how to harness the energies for a harmonic life.

Based on your own unique birth chart, this reading takes a look at the movements of the planets through the coming months and what they mean for you personally.

This shows you where to place your energies for maximum benefit, minimum stress. 

Simply email your details (time, place, date of birth and email address) through with your request and I will get back to you to arrange a convenient time.
1 hour £70

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Love and Relationships Reading

Take a look at your relationship harmonic.
Are you attracting the right people into your life?

This reading will help you to:
  • Form lasting Soul connections 
  • Rebalance masculine and feminine energies
  • Clear blockages and fears
  • Release old behaviour patterns
  • Increase self worth
  • Improve communication and understanding with significant others
  • Become more magnetic/attractive

Please include your birth date, place and time (if known) for greatest accuracy
1 hour - £70

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Tarot Reading

If you have a question regarding your...

  • Love life
  • Career
  • Creativity
  • Personal or Psychic development
  • Direction in life
  • Soul Purpose
  • Family and friends
...or are just curious to see what the is coming up for you in the future...

  • 3 Card Spread Email Reading - £15
  • Short Astrology/Tarot/Numerology reading - 30 minutes - £35
  • Detailed Astrology/Tarot/Numerology reading - 1 hour - £70

Private Astro & Tarot Parties

I deliver short readings at your space 
looking at the main aspects of each chart with Tarot included. London only. £35 per person - groups of 6 plus (Host free)
contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Personal Lunar Plan Reading - Working with the Moon cycles in your chart


Would you like to illuminate your life and flow more closely with the
phases of the moon? 

Do you know your Moon sign?

Do you know what area of your life is highlighted by each New, Full and Dark Moon?

By taking the time to find out these few simple personal details, you can harmonise with all the Sun and Moon phases and plan and prioritise accordingly for a more fluent life. 
1 hour - £70

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Past Life/Soul Purpose Reading

Discover how past lives are influencing you currently and how to align with your Soul's purpose.

Using a combination of Astrology, Tarot and elements of past life regression, we carefully look at the patterns and challenges you are facing as well as the talents and opportunities you have to make the most your life, this time round.
This is a unique and very rewarding reading. 
1 hour - £70

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Astro-Cartography Reading

This is where we place your birth chart over the world map and read the energies that different countries have in store for you.

Fascinating and vital if travel or relocation is on your agenda. 
45 minutes - £55

contact: zoehind7@gmail.com

Baby Chart

This makes a perfect gift for a new parent. Like the natal chart we look into characteristics and personality traits. We can also suggest appropriate learning/teaching techniques and great gifts to stimulate the little one.

By comparing with sibling and parent charts, we can see how the family dynamic is constructed.
45 minutes - £55

To book any of the above please v

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Zoe Hind | Astrologer | London
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