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Astronomy means the naming of the stars. It is an observational science.

Astrology is the logic and meaning of the stars. It is an experiential science. 

Like the left and the right brain hemispheres, they were always studied together by the wise ones of all cultures, split apart in recent times by half brained western science in a purposeful bid to reduce public consciousness and deprive people of their birthright - the Knowledge of the Stars...

Cosmology is the study of the interconnected nature of the Universe

As above; so below

the movement of electrons and protons in the simplest of atomic structures is mirrored in the orbit of the planets around the Sun in our Galaxy. Fractal consciousness exploring itself; the Universe unfolds in a symphony of perfect motion - eternal spirals in time and space.

The harmonious or conflicting interference patterns of the electro (active) and magnetic (receptive) fields of these bodies, affect our own complex physical and energetic body systems on extremely subtle levels, creating moods, cravings, creative bursts, frustration, inspiration and many more of the human states we take for granted.

Emotion is simply energy in motion

Tuning in with our own personal rhythms and aligning with current planetary phases brings an effortlessness and flow to our lives. We can pace ourselves and seek deeper understanding through the challenging aspects maintaining a philosophical approach and spiritual balance. Likewise, knowing the time is ripe for certain activities and taking that first step towards a goal can bring a calm ease and a sense of being in the zone.

Everything is in perfect synch. Everything is frequency. The energy fields of the planets resonate with our own energy centres. Along with herbs, crystals, colours, elements, numbers, shapes and musical notes, we all transmit our unique vibrational signature interacting with everything around us. This profound knowledge and its practical application dates back to the mystery school teachings of ancient Khemet (Egypt).

All is one

The examination and interpretation of current planetary alignments reveals potential rather than set futures. We are all free to tap into these influences in whichever way we chose although, once we remember our divine plan, we are more likely embrace the phases and use them towards our ultimate goal -  spiritual awakening and reconnecting to Source.

Your birth chart (where  the planets were when you were born), reveals your soul plan and past life influences that can be decoded and worked with in this lifetime. Each chart is unique. This is both your cosmic blueprint and your personal map.

Since the Winter Solstice 2012, the link between the planets, the calendar and our consciousness has never been more important to comprehend. The electro-magnetic frequency of Earth (Schumann Resonance) is said to be speeding up. Time itself seems to fly by quicker and our frequencies are becoming faster and lighter. Our DNA is being re-activated. Recent Solar flare activity is also affecting the electro-magnetic shield of the Earth reducing the density between dimensions. 

We can only see 5% of the light spectrum. There is only 4% matter in the Universe, (0.01% in our Solar System) the rest is referred to as dark matter. In this darkness, the mysterious interconnecting field between all things, everything exists as potential until observed. We choose what we draw in to ourselves. Knowing that the heart field is immensely more powerful than the mind field, once we learn to trust true feelings over our physical senses and live from a place of harmonic being, we realign with the Universal mind and regain our cosmic birthright.

Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry and Numerology are invaluable guides to help us navigate through most amazing times that lie ahead.

Let's journey together...

Zoe Hind | Astrologer | London
Astrology and Tarot Readings