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In the stars this week..11-17 November 2019

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November 2019

The next 2 months build to a crescendo as Saturn meets with Pluto early January.

Pulsing, potent and powerful, prepare to become the fullest expression of You. 

Monday 11 November 2019
Mercury transits in front of the Sun

This lasts for a few hours and may be visible from USA, South America, Europe and Africa.

The last transit was in 2016 and the next one will not be until 2032. Check your local area for timings.

This day is also 11.11 which is a number/date embedded in the collective consciousness.

Last year a series of healing frequencies were recorded being transmitted across the Earth. I do not know what their frequency was but while we are on this topic...'111 Hertz is the frequency which is associated with producing beta-endorphins. 111/biblio endorphins are a type of protein that can contribute to help control pain, and produce feelings of well being and increased empathy'.

As the Samhain energies pass for another year on the eve of this transit we may tune into receive a healing message or a revelation as Mercury transmits the Sun's energy to Earth.

Maybe meditate on amplifying your highest frequency @ 11.11am and be open to receive back.

Tuesday 12 November 2019
Full Moon 19 degrees Taurus @ 13:37 UK time

There may be a sense of light heartedness and liberation that comes flooding in after yesterdays energetic alignment.

Every day, week, month we are growing in consciousness, tuning into and raising our frequency and this has an impact on the world outside. As within so without.

This is a time when the scales tip to the positive and although the media often focuses on fear and division, there are hugely positive events happening right now out of the spotlight and beyond the five senses.

You are contributing with your feelings which all have frequencies that are measurable outside of the body. The highest are peace and joy, much lower are anger and fear.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to realize your potential and to be part of the movement of empowered beings that are rising up and elevating the collective consciousness at this vital time.

Be still, be centred, release and be ready to receive.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Mercury trine Neptune

Be ...grace ...and ...flow. You will always be guided to what you need to know.

Thursday 14 November 2019

Venus square Neptune. When women are in their true power, they honour good men.

Venus is the earthly feminine and Neptune the divine. At odds today, there my be lessons here on how to step up and back to make room for more harmony and balance in relating.

Friday 15 November 2019

Its been a changeable week with much to explore. Maybe take a gentle retreat inwards this weekend to integrate all that you have learned and rest a while.

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 October 2019

Once we stop and observe impartially we can see the bigger picture as well and the direction that things are flowing. This gives us greater perspective and we can act in a way that is harmonious with the great unfolding of events in perfect time. 



Your Astrological Chart is your Cosmic Blueprint 

The placement and geometry of the planets at the time of your birth create your Personal Vibrational Signature

From the inside out, we experience these aspects as parts of ourselves.

Once we truly comprehend the power of the complex fields of energy that resound throughout our being, we can begin to master them and realize our full potential.

As we grow and the planets continue in their orbit, they form harmonious or disharmonious aspects which influence our energetic field on a daily basis.

Each planetary combination creates a specific frequency and opens up a window of opportunity or challenge where our Soul has the chance to experience the many facets of itself and thus reawaken.

The secret of good timing...

By comparing your chart with the current planetary line up, we can read the energies before they arrive and calculate their timing to navigate a more harmonious course through life.

An Astrological Reading will show you how to maximize your potential and minimize stress in your life, offering you Direction, Purpose & Empowerment.

Each reading or consultation is unique to you. Sessions are friendly, confidential and recorded for you to keep.

What clients say:

"Feeling blessed after your awesome and genuine astro & tarot readings! I was blown away with your knowledge in astrology, accuracy, generosity and loving words which are still resonating with me...It's surely a turning point, feeling much clearer and lighter. Thank you Zoe. Much Love."

Thank you so much for such a deep, comprehensive and insightful reading and so much of your time Zoe. I'm very happy with the reading and loved so many of your visually rich analogies. Bless you! K.C

Zoe Hind - Soul Astrologer & Empowerment Coach