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In the stars this week..14-20 October 2019

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 October 2019
13 - Full Moon 20 degrees Aries @ 22.10 UK time

Back in early April (feels sooo long ago!), we set fresh intentions not knowing what the Summer would bring. Now, older and hopefully wiser, we can see that we have been on a massive retrograde back to the Soul of our being.
Our wishes and desires are now centred at our core and we can begin to grow from here in a way like never before.

You are stronger, mightier and able to tap into your Warrior Spirit.

Gone are old worries and belittling doubts.
Set your guns on stun and put your heart into pursuits that are truly worthy of your new empowered Self.

Monday 14 October 2019

Following on from yesterday’s Full Moon, focus, focus, focus.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Lift your thoughts to a higher level. Much of what we think (and therefore believe) requires an upgrade. Transformation awaits...

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Seeing through illusions requires laser vision and a clear mind. Both are available today for the honest seeker.

Thursday 17 October 2019

How free is speech in the modern world? Can you really say what you feel or do you feel you need to filter your words to be accepted?

Friday 18 October 2019

No thinking is required when we dance.

Saturday 19 October & Sunday 20 October 2019

We head towards the next Mercury retrograde and this weekend we get a head’s up as to what the learning material may be about. Listen very carefully. Tune in. This one promises to be deep and meaningful. 



Your Astrological Chart is your Cosmic Blueprint 

The placement and geometry of the planets at the time of your birth create your Personal Vibrational Signature

From the inside out, we experience these aspects as parts of ourselves.

Once we truly comprehend the power of the complex fields of energy that resound throughout our being, we can begin to master them and realize our full potential.

As we grow and the planets continue in their orbit, they form harmonious or disharmonious aspects which influence our energetic field on a daily basis.

Each planetary combination creates a specific frequency and opens up a window of opportunity or challenge where our Soul has the chance to experience the many facets of itself and thus reawaken.

The secret of good timing...

By comparing your chart with the current planetary line up, we can read the energies before they arrive and calculate their timing to navigate a more harmonious course through life.

An Astrological Reading will show you how to maximize your potential and minimize stress in your life, offering you Direction, Purpose & Empowerment.

Each reading or consultation is unique to you. Sessions are friendly, confidential and recorded for you to keep.

What clients say:

"Feeling blessed after your awesome and genuine astro & tarot readings! I was blown away with your knowledge in astrology, accuracy, generosity and loving words which are still resonating with me...It's surely a turning point, feeling much clearer and lighter. Thank you Zoe. Much Love."

Thank you so much for such a deep, comprehensive and insightful reading and so much of your time Zoe. I'm very happy with the reading and loved so many of your visually rich analogies. Bless you! K.C

Zoe Hind - Soul Astrologer & Empowerment Coach